Shoe Catalogs

A selection of real shoe catalogs from different brands to inspire you

If you’re looking for inspiration to create your new shoe catalog, or you just want to see how shoe catalogs are made, here, you will find a selection of real documents in PDF format or flipbook mode. Each includes a brief description in which you’ll find useful information such as the layouts used, product information displayed, types of photographs, and so on. If you need to create a ready-to-print or web-ready catalog or price list in no time and without errors, Pagination’s cloud service can help you.

Tidy Shoe Catalog

The Florsheim catalog is a quite standard document, with chapter separators and an index at the end. Products are displayed in a standard layout that contains all the necessary information, like product names, SKUs, descriptions, and sizes. The whole document is a mix of full-page in-context pictures and smaller cut-out images.



Classy Shoe Catalog

A classy shoe catalog by Alden Shoe, this document is well structured and easy to read. Products are showcased with different layouts. The catalog has chapter separators, and at the end of the document, you’ll find a size chart. The catalog doesn’t have an index or table of contents, but above every page there’s the chapter name.


Standard Catalog, but Poor of Images

The Lehigh Valley catalog is a document with a standard structure, but quite poor images. There’s room to insert them above every product, but for some reason they aren’t there. Apart from that, the catalog is very tidy, and every product is accompanied by all the necessary purchasing information.


Classic Shoe Catalog

Vibram’s document starts with a short introduction and a table of contents. Products are well displayed, and they have all the necessary information, like the SKU, product name, sizes, and dimensions. Products are presented using cut-out images. There are no chapter separators, but a label on the top-left of the page indicates new chapters. At the end of the document, you’ll find an index.


Shoes Lookbook

This lookbook by Varsity is composed of big, in-context pictures. There is no index, nor are there any chapter separators, but they aren’t really necessary because the document doesn’t have a lot of pages. Products include all the necessary information, such as price, description, and sizes. The document is easy to read and has a quite standard structure.


Climbing Shoe Catalog

Scarpa’s catalog is a simple document. It doesn’t have a table of contents, but big in-context pictures are used as chapter separators. Products are displayed with a standard structure that highlights the shoes’ characteristics. At the end of the document, there’s room for a comparison chart and an index. The document is written in English and Italian.


Multilanguage Shoe Catalog

The Joma spring–summer 2018 catalog is a well-structured document. After a quick introduction, the document has a quite standard structure. Testimonial pictures are used as chapter separators. Every product has all the necessary information, including the product’s name, SKU, and sizes. The catalog is written both in Spanish and English.


Well Structured Shoe Catalog

The 2018 catalog by Lemaitre is a tidy document with a simple structure. Products are presented with a mix of in-context and cut-out images. Plus, every product has all the necessary information, such as the product name and SKU. At the end of the catalog, you’ll find a page for notes and the firm’s contact information. Overall, the document is well-structured and easy to read.


Sober Shoe Catalog

The Dacey Footwear catalog is a sober document with a clean structure. Products are presented as cut-out pictures and, apart from the product name, no other information is given. At the beginning of the document, there’s a table of contents, but there are no chapter separators. The end of the catalog includes a color chart.


Safety Shoe Catalog

The Rhino Shoe catalog opens with a table of contents and a size chart. The document is well structured, and it has a landscape orientation. Products are presented using cut-out pictures and just a single layout. At the end of the catalog, there’s room for contact information and an explanation of all the icons that appear under the products.


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